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SkyTech Partner Franchises Offers Sky-High Potential

Leading this exciting new industry in New Zealand are Mark Lusby and Glen Daniel, who have drawn upon almost 60 years’ combined experience in international commercial aviation and training to create the SkyTech Partner Franchise…click the link below to read more…

Sky-High Potential article in the Franchise New Zealand Magazine

Agricultural Franchise

Starting from $67,450 + GST*

*pricing is based on sq km in a territory.

Please contact us for pricing in your area or click here for Agricultural Territories

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Commercial Franchise

Starting from $50,235 + GST*

*pricing is based on households in a territory.

Please contact us for pricing in your area or click here for Commercial Territories

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Imaging Franchise

Starting from $40,500 + GST*

*pricing is based on sq km in a territory.

Please contact us for pricing in your area or click here for Imaging Territories

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Wish to have the independence of running your own business and be part of a Nationwide team?

SkyTech’s opportunities come in two categories: agriculture (rural work such as applying fertiliser, frost control and weed spraying) and commercial (urban treatments such as roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning and sanitation), and there’s also potential for expansion with national and local government work.

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SkyTech offers exciting business opportunities in the new and rapidly growing drone industry. Purchase a lifestyle franchise with a great income and a future asset. Start your journey to a successful and rewarding career as a SkyTech Franchise Partner.

Solid Foundation

60 years of aviation experience provides the best possible foundation for a specialised drone business – we know what does and doesn’t work. Our in-depth knowledge of the aviation regulatory, safety and compliance requirements supports your SkyTech Franchise.

Extensive Training

No licence or experience is required, as we provide a comprehensive training program. This includes classroom, practical, and on-the-job training as well as training in operations, safety, customer service and regulation, just to name a few areas.

Marketing Expertise

We employ the services of professional marketing companies to provide a full range of direct marketing to the end consumer, this includes social media, print media and displays to the end consumer. With our nationwide network SkyTech will support each franchise by targeting national contracts.

Leading Technology

SkyTech brings revolutionary drone technology to New Zealand allowing almost unlimited potential. SkyTech is proud to be New Zealand and Australia’s Sole Distributor of BROUAV Drones and products in the Agriculture and Commercial sectors.

Proven Franchise System

SkyTech have contracted Tereza Murray Franchising for the establishment of our Franchise Manuals and Document suites. Their extensive expertise in Franchises means you have many years of Franchise experience backing you up. Nicola of First Franchise Lead Management will guide you through the franchise documentation

Technical Support

At SkyTech we provide nationwide support to keep your drones flying and SkyTech customers happy. Our DroneLogbooks software keeps track of all maintenance requirements and notifies when annual check or time life parts are due. Our Auckland and Christchurch service centers have a range of consumables and equipment on hand to support your operation.

Marketing Power

Enjoy the combined marketing power of nationwide advertising and targeted  advertising in your territory to help you grow your business. We stay in touch with the latest in traditional marketing, digital marketing and social media platforms and are always here to provide support.

Low overheads & High profit margins

There really is no limit to your earning potential. It is simply a matter of how hard you are prepared to work. Our tailored lease packages reduce your startup overheads and give you the flexibility to upgrade equipment with new technology.


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